The six stones of the Eternal Gospel Stone I The White Stone Stone II The Red Stone Stone III The Stone of the Karsuiks Stone IV The Stone of the Hermitates Stone V The Stone of the Magpie Stone VI The Stone of Chawila

Introduction to the Eternal Gospel

The 6 Stones of Revelations

The book Efatas is the first book of the Eternal Gospel, the Second Bible. The book Efatas is part of a larger book of this necessary continuation of the Bible called the White Stone, also predicted in the book of revelation. This time it doesn't start with the garden of man to describe how they ate of the forbidden fruit, but it describes the garden of angels, on the angelic and divine mountain of Eden where some angels were seduced to eat from the Sactacus, the black fruit, thus causing a tremendous fall of many angels.

The forces of the first bible are heavy, and it’s errors have bound millions and millions of people, and hold the world in an iron grip. This is why the second bible had to come. This time it is not a book of man, but a book of angels. This is why the Eternal Gospel is also called the Angelic Texts. There is absolutely no earthly copyrights on this second bible, so everyone is free to copy it and to spread it. It is anointed to set the captives free. The Second Bible has a nucleus, called the Canon, which is of course an open Canon, also allowing other books to the Second Bible. There is also a Hidden Canon and a Second Hidden Canon in the Second Bible. The manuscripts of the open parts of the Second Bible are in dutch, but we will offer you the english translation as well. The manuscripts of the hidden parts of the Second Bible are in english. So the whole work is of dutch-english origin, as the ground-languages.

The books have come to earth by a Fire Storm descending from Heaven in the year 1970. In Revelation 14 : 6 it is about an angel showing up in the midst of the heaven with an Eternal Gospel to preach it to them on the earth, to all nations, tribes and languages. When earth appears before the throne of God, books will be opened, one of them being the Book of Life, which is also a part of the Eternal Gospel, the Second Bible (Revelation 20 : 12).

In the first few chapters of Revelation it is said that there will come a white stone with hidden manna, on which a new name is written (2 : 17). The White Stone is also a part of the Eternal Gospel. And in the first few chapters of Revelation it is also said that new names of the divine characters will be revealed (3 : 12).

In Chapter 10, John, the prisoner on Patmos, is shown a new opened book, and thunderstrikes were speaking, but John was not allowed to write it down. It had to stay sealed. In chapter 5 it is about a sealed scroll which no one can open, a scroll written from the inside and the outside. But in later times this heavenly scroll would be revealed in parts, which is described as the opening of the seals in an apocalyptic world, which is now. After that it is about the seven trumpet angels, the karsuiks, who will finally reveal the meanings of these parts. This process started in 1970, when the first parts of the second bible came to earth.

As predicted in the Book of Revelation by John, the Eternal Gospel would come in the endtime. You could say it is the gospel in more depth, brought by angelic servants. Also in the Book of Revelation the white stone was promised to those who would overcome. Within the Eternal Gospel, the Second Bible, there is indeed the white stone, together with other familiar sounding books like the Book of Life for example. The revelation continues ...

We live in breathtaking times. Christ promised He would come back, and this would be when He, as the Word, would reveal Who He really is. The Second Bible is the Return of Christ, His Second Coming, or in other words : The Second Christ. Discussed will be the Seven Spirits before His throne and other apocalyptic dynamics, in order that Christ, and all what He comes with, will become flesh in your life.

The Second Bible also shows that the First Bible was just a shadow about what God was going to do. The more this book is important to discover what God is all about and what He thinks about everything. It is indeed a letter from heart to heart. Significant is that this time the Book of God is full of fairytales allowing you to re-connect to your childhood.

The Second Bible is part of an ongoing revelation !

Until the stones of The Second bible - The Eternal Gospel are placed on this website The Second Bible can be downloaded as a Pdf file.

The Lords want you to be delivered from your traditions in which evil spirits keep you as a captive. Traditions were the scaffolds and codes by which the ancestors in slavery brought forth the freedom of the Lords, but these traditions begged to heaven to be delivered in their cryptic descriptions. They called for integration, and development. Will you always stay babies then, living from mother-milk ? You do not serve your ancestors with that, and like this you do not honour them. They were and are just on a passage. Construct forth therefore the house of the Lords, and tear the veils and seals, burn the scaffolds, and enter into the depths of the Lords.'
The New Genesis : 28 – Stone of the Magpie – The Second Bible